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About Me
I am Jess.
I have a son who is the light of my life and the reason for everything I do.
I am funny, smartish, stubborn, strong, proud, a completely shy idiot who THANKFULLY comes off as quirky and charming. I am me, a new me... but a me that I am learning to love, even if it took me awhile to get here!

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Jess! Happy Birthday! Hope you're doing well and are happy.

Hey Jess, I am going to remove you from the guild to save on your
funds! I don't want them used up just sitting here. Let us know
when your back and we will get you back in!! I hope things are ok.
We really miss you being with us!!


 photo e0d72ffcd8c518f7b15e8dc142832808_zpsric095fi.gif

Happy Birthday, Jess! Hope today will be fantastic and that your year will be wonderful! :)

Hwpp Birthday Jess

Happy Birthday again dear Jess, 2017. :)
Miss you so much, hope to see you soon!
Love and Hugs!
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday Jess! Hope it's a good one and you're doing well! Miss and love you! Cathy

Hey Jess! Just stopping by to wish you a good holiday season! Be happy, safe and have fun!:) Love you!

WOW! fallenangel2442 what a awesome gift Thank you very much hope you have a great weekend :)

I enjoy shopping in fallen's fashion and your album is awesome!

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 photo 631497r4sr0ndkd3_zps41x6ex1e.gif

Love this dolly with some attitude!! Stopped by and rated your
pretties! Hope all is well with you!

*waving both arms frantically* JESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Hi! Your doll is exquisite and so you!:D Hope you're doing well and have some joy in your life!:)

We are good, I dont know if you knew we sold our house and moved to right above cincinatti ohio. Well, we are buying a house again! Yikes. Jordan is 12 and jared is 10 now! Jordan is as tall as me! Im pretty short though. LOL

Hey hey Jess! Long time no talk! How's your lil guy? Still in alaska?

Awww Jess! Thanks for the wish list gift!:)

Hope you're having a fun Labor Day weekend!:D

Gorgeous divas you have in your album, hun!


Jesssssssssssssssssss! Your light is green!lol

Jessssss!!! Miss you loads! How have you been???

OMG!! JESS!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo!! How great to see YOU!!!!
Love Ya!!!
Carlie :D

Welcome back :)

Hey, Jess! So good to see you on .... and back at FINDERS KEEPERS! Whoo-hooo! I hope to see more of you in the future!

Have fun playing! :)

Awww Jess! Miss you so much! Hope you're doing well and have a lovely birthday.

Happy Birthday Jess!! Miss you like crazy!!!
Love You!
Carlie :D

Hope All Is Well, And All Caught Up On Your Album!!!

Seems like you've been gone for ever!:( I really hope you're doing well and are ok and happy! Hope you had a lovely birthday with lots and lots of laughter and smiles. Miss you. . . . . .

Happy Birthday! Blessings and hugs. Hope you are out there enjoying a wonderful life :)

Happy Birthday! Hope that life is treating you well and that we will see you again! Enjoy your special day! :)

Missing you and hoping you're doing well!

I rated your beautiful doll album!!

Awesome doll album each doll is a five star winner!

Hey. Stopped by to catch up on your doll album. I hope all is well with you! :)

:( You ok?

Happy Birthday1 Hope you have had a splendidly special day! :)

Happy Birthday!! Hope you are having a rockin' day.

Happy Happy Birthday Jess!! Hope you have a most wonderful day!!!! :)
Love Ya!!!
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday!!!

Aww Jess!:( Hope you had a good holidays and now wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you and miss you and think of you all the time!

Happy Birthday!! You are missed ((hugs))

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Love ya!8)

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GB spamming! Hugs*

Miss you!