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About Me
i am Courtny... some of ya'll call me Daphne so let me tell you where my username derives from...

when i was pregnant, i wanted a girl so i could name her Daphne Jai... well, i have a beautiful son named Amarion, so i decided that DaphneJai was a great name for a DIVA!!!

check out my family that play on here..
ladylicia, cocoadiva, machogirl, and sodefangel. love ya'll!!


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this is one of the nicest comments i have gotten..

Hey there lady! every time I click on your page I automatically smile your avatar is a sure pick me up your beautiful smile and pleasant personality is tops in my book ..

I wish you Blessings and continued Happiness for the new year and beyond ..
Happy Holidays to you and yours xox

from kokobunny:

if ya'll wanna know a cool person, holla at her,,, she's an awesome designer, too

and Molokai, the Diva in Red and Black, LOL she's super nice and a wonderful person, too.. find her of you want a good friend!!

this comment was left by her to me...

@}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`-
Fame and Roses for Courtney
@}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`-

I know I first got this from you and I loved it! It meant a lot to me and decided to once again give you roses back! You are awesome and so sweet! Love you!

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How are you doing? Hope all is well with you and your family. I stop by to rate your current dolls : )
Take care

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