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17-6-2010 Red Carpet Winner
2-7-2010 Doll of the Day
GOC 1st place several times.

“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”
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  • Jan 26   Cornelia has a birthday today.
  • Jan 26   Cornelia has a birthday today.
  • Jan 26   Cornelia has a birthday today.
  • Jan 26   Cornelia has a birthday today.
  • Jan 26   Cornelia has a birthday today.

Happy Birthday again, 2016!!! :)
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday :)

Happy Birthday to you again!! :D
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!! :D
Carlie :D

:::::::::::::::::::::THROWS CONFETTI!!:::::::::::::::::::

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Looking forward to having you as a FINDERS KEEPERS customer in 2013!

Enjoyed catching up on your doll album! :)

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God bless you!!! Here is some fame for you!!! James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.....GOD WANTS US TO COME TO HIM, THE DEVIL IS AGAINST THAT!!!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday!!! God bles you!!!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!! :)

::::::::::THROWS CONFETTI!!!!!!!:::::::::::: :D

Carlie :D

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Beautiful diva and nice to see you today. Enjoy a beautiful day.xoxo

Hope my guild sis is doing fine and will have fun in the new theme parties and other task events. Check your Alerts for the next theme.xoxo

I love your diva's hair. *__*

What a pretty diva on our Guild Feature Page. Enjoy and Fame!:)

oh! thank you :) and Hope mad it *hopie26g* but it's not for sale for 2 weeks.

LOL I sit here for hours constantly sending out and normally I don't battle this much but I got on the battle ladder and decided that just for once I would try and win it!

they usually don't like mine either but I don't care, its too much fun to dress up to worry about the voters...I find that if the voters in the daytime hate my outfit the voters at night usually like them better and vice versa!

wow I love how you put this doll together!

i LOVE your dolly!


Sorry to be so late in welcoming you but here goes! WELCOME to DUC!!

Hello diva!! Dropped by and rated your album - love them! I really like the last one on the first page and the last one on the last page, "Model" and "Prom Queen"! : ) xo Kim

Loving your diva, she's fabulous! :)
Rated your album, all 5's of course.

Rated your album :D
Gorgeous dolls you have there.....
Matt Lanter is my favourite too ;)

LOVED your Guild War entry!

Here is some fame for a guild sister. Have a great day!

Pretty Diva..:)))

@}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`-
@}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`- @}-,-`-

OMG! Who made the hair for the last doll in black, on the second page in your album. Its beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Rated some of your beautiful dolls. Keep It Rockin'

Your diva is awazing! Keep up the good work!!! And I like Eminem's song Not Afraid too!

Good job on the doll of the day!!!:):)

Wtg on DOTD gurly :)

my god, ur doll is amazing! congrats on DOTD :33

Congrats on DOTD... again!!!!
Really nice diva!
Luv Shae xxx

Lovely diva.

Congrats on DOTD...love your DIVA!!!


Congrats on DOTD!!!
Awesome Diva!!

i love your profile video! love love love haha
im obsessed with eminem :)
voted you dotd btw

voted you DOTD

I voted you DOTD:)

Wonderful Doll :D
It's why i always voted for ya (:

Argh I love your Diva!! I have been voting for her all day, nice work. I love the hair in your shop too, can't wait until I can add you to my favourites ^o^

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