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I'm an adult player. I am a wife, mother, and I have a professional career. I have always loved fashion and I appreciate how it allows me to express myself. I play this game as a retreat from the day to day madness. I am drama free and I only want positive company. So let's play, create and have a fashionable time. By the way my name is Kaye.
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Thanks for the rates !! :)

Hi there, I got caught up on your album. Have a good one!

Came by to tell you your diva look beautiful!

Thank you Kaye for the gift:)

Your current diva is classic and elegant.

Stopping by to drop off some fame.

enjoy rating your album, have a great weekend

Congrats on being featured Guild member!

danke für deine freundschaft

LOVED your goc Curls 4 Days doll - she is AWESOME!!!

Get well soon sweetie!

Thank You Friends!!!!

Really beautiful DOTD doll! Congratulations on your win, just gorgeous!
Carlie :D

Congrats DOTD another one of my favorites

Congratulations on you DOTD!! :)

Congrats on your beautiful DOTD win!!!

Conrgrats on a gorgeous dotd

Congrats on a beautiful DOTD!

Congrats on your beautiful DOTD and your awesome GOC wins
awesome job Kaye.

Wow DOTD and GOC win Congrats on 2 well deserved wins

Congrats on your double win...DOTD and GOC!!!

Good Luck in Survivor!

Congrats on your beautiful DOTD Kaye!

Good Luck survivor

Good luck Survivor!!

Hi good luck to you doing this survivor season and I hope you had a wonderful valentines day.
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Good luck in Survivor! :)

Great job in Survivor Kaye! I'm very proud of you and good luck this week!

Have a wonderful Valentine month. As you work hard in Survivor, I hope you take the time to give a few valentines to those you care for most.

Goodluck to you in survivor☺️🤗

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Rated your album, very nice

aww thank you soo much for the gift!! <3

Finally caught up on rating your album...didnt know i was so behind! lol :P

Thanks for shopping at FINDERS KEEPERS! Hope to see a lot more of you this year!

Caught up on your great doll album! :)

Good luck on Survivor!! :D Let me know if you need anything!

Beautiful Diva!

Good luck in Survivor! IE welcomes your battle requests :)

We're nearing the end of another year, and I wanted to thank you for being a valued FINDERS KEEPERS customer! I hope to see a lot more of you next year!

Enjoyed catching up on your great doll album!

Hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful holiday season!

Thank you to all who came by to say congrats on DOTD

congrats on dotd!

on your stunningly gorgeous dotd!!! also love your beautiful current diva!!!

Very Pretty! Congratulations!


Congratulations on your gorgeous DOTD win! Yummy!
Carlie :D

congrats on DOTD how you been?

CONGRATS on DOTD!! Gorgeous Diva!

Congrats for your DOTD! Fabulous! x

omg congrats on the DOTDD!!! :D

Whoaaaa!! Congrats on DOTD! You made my dress looks AMAZING! once again, Congrats, pretty! :D :D

Congrats on DOTD! Lovely doll album 5 stars on each. happy Holiday!!!

Congrats on DOTD!
Enjoy your deserved win!