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About Me


DC Prom Voting Game
Congratulations! You have successfully found all of your items and are ready for Prom! You win 500,000 moolah, 300 coins, 5000 fame, 2000 hotpoints, 1000 style and a perfume voucher!-FINALLY! MY FIRST WIN AT A VOTING GAME!!

Okie doke heres the low down on me. I
Am a sensitive and emotional woman
I've learned that's ok. I used to keep
To myself on here but have made efforts
Recently to be more sociable and get to
Know more divas. I'm not really a
Competitive person. It's nice to win and
Noone likes to lose all the time but at the
End of the day I believe that old adage is
True "it's not weather you win or lose
But how you play the game. So true.
I don't like drama though Im sure I make
Mountains out of molehills at times but
Being mean, talking smack (so to speak)
And stirring things up is not what I'm about.
I really just want to have fun, meet cool
Divas and play a fair game. That's about it!
Please let me know if you rate my album
Please let me know I don't have the
Upgrade that tells you who rated your dolls.
I like to rate others dolls often, so much talent
Here! I think I'm a nice person and a good
Friend. That's what I look for in others!
Honesty is huge to me.

I am 35 in a long term relationship,
no children yet. I am unemployed at
the moment, but have worked in retail,
the library, and a publishing company.
I love books, movies, dressing up, etc.
I have been a diva chix member from the
get go, used to play dollwar which i loved
but feel DC has long surpassed DW. Loving
this site. I play on and off, in stages but I am
back for good. im loving my guild and feel
reinspired! feel free to message me or friend
me. Im also on FB.

I love music movies and books. I love
Interpol and Ani Difranco , MIA,
CHICKS ON SPEED, paramore, and
FRENTE, patti rothberg and elastica
and liz phair and Spoon and White Stripes
and TOOL and Joy Division

I refused to watch it until just recently and
now Im officially hooked!!

IT makes me sad that album pages are
100 coins and i have to regularly delete
my dolls to add new ones so heres a link to my deleted dolls


Oh and I ABSOLUTLY love scary movies,
I grew up on them and they are my fave,
and mystery books too now that I think of it!

***Please promote fair play**

Feb 3, 12:00 am 3rd Place in Candlemas Theme
Feb 2, 12:00 am 2nd Place in Super Bowl Party
Feb 1, 12:00 am 3rd Place in Playground Games Theme
Feb 8, 12:00 am 2nd Place in Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Feb 7, 12:00 am 3rd Place in Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar Theme
Feb 4, 12:00 am 1st Place in Sleep Walker Theme
Feb 12, 12:00 am 2nd Place in Hip Hop Hottie Theme
Feb 11, 12:00 am 2nd Place in Goody Two-Shoes Theme
Feb 10, 12:00 am 2nd Place in British Musicians Theme

have won 1st Place in the Halloween on
Instagram - Dress Up contest!
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  • Oct 15   cece1337 has won 1st place in the Pretty in Patchwork GOC.
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  • Oct 08   cece1337 is the Featured Member of their guild.
  • Oct 08   cece1337 is the Featured Member of their guild.
  • Oct 07   cece1337 has won 2nd place in the Piercings GOC.

Thank you for the dress

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Hey girl! I'm great, hru? :) You're looking cute!

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Happy 6th Anniversary to VV. Thanks for being my friend and always sticking by our guild.xoxo

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Beautiful album, hope u r doing well and have a gr8 wkend :)

great album girl, have a wonderful day :)

Hey lady, sorry for being on radio silence lately. I had some family drama going on, but all is back to normal and I am back for convo. I started rewatching GOT final season to see if I missed things before and I must say, second time around is even better and I think I'll will watch all seasons round christmas time nothing better with christmas than a bloody red wedding :) Hope you are ok and life is treating you well.



I completely agree, glad to be friends! Awesome doll! Hugsss

Congrats on being our FMOTW! Thanks for entering those GOC's and participating in all of the various task when you were online. Have a wonderful week ahead.

Love your doll

Love this diva! That dress is beautiful. Have a great weekend.

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