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Hello. I've been playing here for several years and have made many friends. My favorite thing about this game is my guild, Golden Girls, which is the greatest and has very talented, creative, and caring members! I also enjoy designing for my own use, as well as for anybody interested in my creations that are sold in my shop, FINDERS KEEPERS.

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May 28,2010 1st Place in Famous Fairies Theme
May 29,2010 1st Place in Graduation Day Theme
May 31,2010 GOC 2nd High Scorer
Jun 04, 2010 3rd Place in Technology Era Theme
Jun 05, 2010 1st Place in Puppy Love Theme
Jun 06, 2010 3rd Place in Birthday Party Theme
Jun 08, 2010 2nd Place in Clowning Around Theme
May 21, 2015 3rd Place in Simple Elegance Theme
Sep 20, 2015 3rd Place in Mother Of The Bride Theme
Apr 19, 2016 2nd Place in Save the Trees Theme
Jun 07, 2010 Doll of the Day
Oct 30, 2010 Doll of the Day
Jun 07, 2011 Doll of the Day
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What an honor and surprise!
Jun 27, 2016
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  • Oct 29   catellen won a trophy for 3rd Place Dark Charming 2017.
  • Oct 29   catellen won a trophy for 1st Place Halloween Kitten 2017.

Happy Thanksgiving Ellen hope you have good one !!!

We are only four and you'd think we invited the army. I'm not even the one doing the cooking this year. My daughter and her boyfriend bought a turkey that I'm taking bets on whether it will fit in the oven.hahaha Both good cooks so it should all be yummy. Happy thanksgiving and I'm always thankful for all my friend on DC.xoxo

Love the new dress for coco! Don't u just love this pose, I sure do lol :) Happy wkend !

Loved your album. Hope all is well in your side of the world.:)

Awesome dress on your diva's. I love the style!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and gift! Love your dolls!!!

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Hello Ellen ,how are you my lovely golden Sis!
i hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Big huggz:)

Love your Halloween diva, Ellen!! : )

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Posted by hotpink1916 on Oct 30, 2017 9:58 pm


Thanks for the gift card!


Thank u so much for the gifts ellen, have a gr8 wkend :)

Hello & thanks for stopping by! I'm trying to check in here now and then.

Hope you're doing well. See you around!

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thank u for the gift! :)

Wow its been a long time since I visited your album, such lovely dolls, I totally enjoyed going through it. Miss our chats one of these days things will get back to normal.

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Beautiful new additions to your album! Hope u r having a good week so far :)

Fabulous doll, Ellen!

Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much; I am happy to be back. Things are still up in the air IRL, but I have been looking over some of my unfinished designs and thinking ahead. I am so happy I still have the Golden Girls to return to.

Take care,

Hi, dropped by to rate your current dolls : )...they all are beautiful!

Thank you so much!

Thanks again for the giftcard to Finders Keepers! Have a great week Ellen!

Hey Ellen, caught up with your Beauties! Really love Thank you Hippie Chick, they are all stunning and gorgeous, perfect in every detail! You have such an eye for fashion!
Enjoy your Sunday and hope its relaxing! : )

Thank you so much....love your current diva...

Thank u ellen for the gifts! Hope u r having a good week :)

all caught up with album, lovely as always x

Of course dear! Thank u for making noses BTW I really needed
One for the new pose and it worked beautifully! Take care Ellen oxxo

thank u for the gift ellen :)

Thank you for the welcome back! I hope you and your loved ones are well.
- Kris


Beautiful album as always, love seeing what's new u made lol :)

I didn't know out birthday's were so close! Hope you had the best

one ever! Mine was on the first day of Aug.

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Thank you Ellen for the stopping and the kind comment!
your doll is so beautiful, have a happy day::)
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Sorry Ellen,i missed your Birthday, very happy Birthday ,i wish you had an awesome day with your family and freinds !
Sending you much of love and best wishes!

Sorry I missed your birthday, I kept reminding myself to check for your birthday and then I go and miss it. I hope it was wonderful and they you enjoyed your day with your family and friends. Please accept my apologies, the real Ronnie has not surfaced yet.

Many thanks for accept my friend request ! ;)

Caught up on your album, love your cream sparkly doll!

Uggggg I see I missed your birthday!! Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Hope you did something wonderful to celebrate!!! I stopped by to
tell you how GaGaGaGorgeous your dolly is!! I luffs her!!! Hope
all is well with you and the home front!!!!!


Have an awesome birthday and a fabulous year!
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Hope your Birthday was a good one. :)

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Ellen!!! : ) Have a wonderful day and enjoy every moment! I'm sending you birthday blessings! : ) Hugs

happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday! Hope all your wishes are granted!

Happy Birthday Catellen 🎂‼️

Happy Birthday my dear friend hope your day is filled with blessings

Happy B-day dear! :)