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Hello all! I'm an official background addict. I'm thinking of starting a 12 step program.

This site makes me remember how much I miss playing Barbies.

I love to see creativity out there, I'm a sucker for anyone who goes against the trends and looks good too!

Hope you all have tons of fun and find lots of fame and moolah!

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Thanks, I love naming them...I name them as an instant inspiration by the outfit...Some names are there twice, three times. Bridal industry, that must be fun! :)

Lovely divas you have in your album, hun!

Thanks for being a FINDERS KEEPERS customer! I appreciate it. Enjoyed rating your doll album!

Thanks For Shopping @ Joe Cool's Hot Shoppe!

Hey! Enjoyed rating your great doll album -- just my way of saying THANK YOU for being a FINDERS KEEPERS customer. I appreciate it and hope you will visit my shop often! :)

I rated your beautiful doll album!!

Thank you!

I don't think I seen that background anywhere else... I love it and it works perfectly with your outfit! And the fan was a nice touch!

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Congratulations on your DOTD!

congrats on dotd

Congratulations! I love this look. It's very well put together.


Congrats on DOTD!!

Congratulations on your wonderful DOTD win!!!
Carlie :D

Congratulations! Beautiful Doll Of The Day!

Very pretty DOTD! Congrats

Congrats on DOTD!!

Wow! she is a breath taker,,beautiful:) ((hugs)) Thanks for your support

thnks a lot for the gift :)

Oh I forgot to add that you mentioned the show Downton Abby in your comment and it reminded me that I have the first two seasons right here next to me that I have never watched yet. My sister is a huge fan and loaned me the DVDs to catch up, she thinks I will really enjoy the show. I have another friend who just loves the show and is always trying to get me to watch it lol Well I think I might just have to pull those out and give em a try lol It's funny, I actually got to go to London once for a week and it was the "American" t.v. shows that were so popular ie... Friends and other sitcoms lol I remember them only having about twelve stations and most of the time there was their Futball on or CNN LOL Anyway I really think I will watch episode one here real soon :o)

I just had to come and thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my page. That was so thoughtful of you and it made my day! :o) I have met so many wonderful ladies here yourself included, I love this game even more because of it! I just checked out some of your lovely dolls in your album and left some love for them. Again thanks for taking the time to come by my page, I appreciate it a lot! Enjoy the rest of your weekend honey. My name is Cindy by the way. Hugs

Thank you for being a FINDERS KEEPERS customer! I appreciate your patronage and will look forward to seeing you often this year!

Enjoyed catching up on your great doll album! :)

Awwh, thanks so much!!!

Loved your diva so much I had to come and tell you so. :)

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Your doll looks great!

Awesome doll!

Thanks so much for the sales referral! Caught up on your album, awesome dolls!

hey lady! your div rocks! ilike your profile!

Cpngratz DOTD. Hauntingly beautiful.

Congratulations on your stunning DOTD!! :)

Congratulations on doll of the day :)

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Congrats on DOTD!
Awesome Diva!!

Loved your Diva, congrats on the DOTD win!! :D
Carlie :D

Congratulations - awesome Diva!

Congrats on DOTD, she's Perfect!!!

congrats on dotd

Congrats DOTD! Love your doll, well deserved!

Congratulations on DOTD! I've been voting for that doll, love your current diva, too!

Hi there, I just wanted to come by and tell you that I think your current diva is gorgeous!! She is perfect from head to toe including the background. There is just something about the whole finished look that is special. Just thought I would pass along the compliment, you deserve it. Have a nice rest of the week. ♥ Cindy

Hey! Just wanted to thank you for your continued patronage of FINDERS KEEPERS! I enjoy having you as a customer!

Caught up on your great doll album while I was here.

Hope you are having a good week!

OMG this doll is AMAZING!!!! I love it!!!

LOL I have used Perdita X from time to time ^_^

Thank you! Your diva is beautiful too :) My username is from the terry Pratchett books lol :D

Congrats on being DOTD

thanks again for shopping at re-threads :) I miss playing barbies too...I used to collect them and I have debating on starting up again...but then I think DC is free when I am not buying cyo bundles HAHA

Congratz on DOTD! :D

Rated your beautiful album

Congrats on DOTD !