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About Me
Hi my name is Amber im 30 years old I like to fish, camp, sing, listen to music, I like pop, rock, hip hop, country, rap,and contemporary christian.I like to watch movies my favorite movies are horror but I also like comedy and action. I have 3 wonderful dogs (Blu, Minxie and Willis).Blu is chichi mix, Willis is a pomeranian and Minxie is a pomchi shes the baby of blu and willis . I love my dogs with all of my hearr. I have a wonderful husband Noah he is the love of my life I love him more than anything in the world. He makes me laugh everyday. :) I have a twin sister who gets on here and plays all the time Hi ashweee lol.This site rocks I vote very fairly so please dont cheat Im a very friendly person I love to make new friends so add me. Comment me any time and ill comment ya back and thanks to everyone who comments me if ya wanna know more just ask.....

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**You are our featured member of the week for the Golden Girls, Congratulations and we are very happy you are one of us.**

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Oh and people PLEASE PLEASE vote fairly there is no such thing as an ugly doll on here so vote everyone HOT like i do ive never voted anyone not cause if u can remember back when u first started it was hard to get ahead when noone voted for u so please be fair and NICE :))

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  • Aug 03   blugirl has a birthday today.
  • Aug 03   blugirl has a birthday today.
  • Mar 06   blugirl won a trophy for Valentine 2017 WWIB Superstar Winner.

Belated Happy Birthday, Amber! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day! :)

Sorry i'm late, i hope you had a great birthday!! ;)

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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Happy Birthday Amber!!! :)(:

Happy Birthday Amber, hope you have a fabulous day!!!
Carlie :D

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Oh! You were on this month, too! Sorry I missed you ... but hope you'll be around some more.

Take care!

Haven't seen you for a while! Hope all is well and that you'll be back soon! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Make it a great one! Enjoy and Celebrate! : )

Happy birthday have an awesome day.

Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a great day!

Happy 🎂 njoy

Happy Birthday!! Hope you do something special for yourself!!! :)

Hooray! You finally got that birthday notification right! LOL!! Happy Birthday, Amber! Hope you enjoy a wonderful day! :)

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday beautiful !!

Happy Birthday:)

Happy Birthday... :)

Happy Birthday Amber!! Wishing you a fabulous day, have fun!!! :)
Carlie :D

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happy easter

Betty Boop Weekend

danke für deine freundschaft

Schöne Dame in Blau

Hey doll stopping by to show some love. Big Hugs Much Love



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Thank you for the gift!


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Thank you for my beautiful new background! I've got a wonderful collection and never have too many! :)

Thankyou so much for the gifts hun! <3

Thankyou so much for the sweet comment in my shop! :) I will continue
making hairs :) I actually am working on 2 more styles now, which
will be in shop tomorrow! :)

Thank you for your friend request, and also luv you divas style, xx

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Betty Boop's Christmas,2014,by Preciousbaby63

Merry Christmas my love.

Congratulations Blugirl!!!: ) Our Golden Girl FMOTW! Thank you for all your many contributions and friendship, too! Ditto everything Ronmedo said below! : ) I do love your sense of style and all your designs in your shop, you are very talented and our guild is so fortunate you are a member! Hugs, Cyn


Hey Amber how are you? Stopping by to show some love.

Congratulations, you are the featured guild member this month. We appreciate all that you do for Golden Girls and we are so happy that you are a part of our guild. We have all been together for a long time. Its awesome.

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More Images @ MyNiceProfile.comThank you for shopping @dEbbEdYs dOllY ShOp!!

Hey there Lady; long time no chat. We have to catch up. Big Hugs Much Love. ttyl. MWAH MWAH MWAH, Happy Belated Birthday :)

Happy Birthday Amber! Hope you had a fabulous day!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

Have a wonderful and blessed birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!! :)

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