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I enjoy playing dress-up games and so far, this is my favorite.

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um, k...I almost fell over when I saw this! Sorry but, I have to post it because I know that this has been a rare sighting lately. Especially for me! But, here goes:
Congratulations, the public thinks your diva is HOT!! As a result you receive 95 hotpoints, 80 moolah, 75 style and 1 coins. This includes a bonus of 50 hotpoints and 50 style because you were unanimously voted Hot! The final score was Hot: 40 | Not: 0.

Something else I am proud of:
my very first entry!:
bijou has won 1st place in the Fish Tank GOC. bijou has won 3rd place in the Spreading Peace GOC

My Doll...and her story

She wears a lot of black and white with splashes of red here and there. Every once in a while she'll venture off into other colors dependent on her mood but, black and white are her staples.
A lot of the clothing that she wears comes from the mall. There are some very nice items there. (They are designed by some of the same people that do CYO.) PLUS, she can't afford a posed doll yet, so it is easier for her to find items that fit a DC pose in the Mall. (She has a posed doll now! THANK YOU jenlovesdolls!!!) but still, if you're a diva on a budget, just like her...the DC mall is the place to be! Now, if only she had a place to save her favorite outfits...
*Jumping up and down excitedly she says, "I finally bought a doll album! I have somewhere to save my outfits! lol". *Walks away whistling and flipping the one coin she has left wondering what she can turn that one coin in to* hmmm...maybe outfit info or....a sizzle stone. What will it be?" We will have to wait and see.
Through hard work a little help (thanks molokai!) and sheer determination...not to shop; she managed to turn that single coin into an "outfit info" upgrade. Can you blame her? Looking at all the other dolls is kinda like window shopping, right?
She looks at her battle scores and shakes her head thinking, "Can't please everybody...so, why try!" With renewed determination she looks in her mirror and says "Do you, girl! They can like me, love me or leave me alone." *walks away with a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eye.*
The final score was Hot: 36 | Not: 1. * Looking at the score she blinks her eyes and sings "one of these things is not like the other ones, one of these things is not the same..." Don't you just hate when that happens? In the last 5 minutes, no less...
*Sighing she walks away, stopping long enough to whirl around and blow that 1, that single voter a kiss. She turns back and saunters off singin', "...don't let them bring you down, no... the beauty is inside you ..".*
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time to add some more dollies to your album :)

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awww she is a pretty lady!!:)

thank you, thank you :)

Thanks so much! :D

thanks so much for the gift and OMG I love your doll!!!

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Gorgeous doll!:D

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~Magickal Graphics~

Thank you for rating my album. Thant was so sweet of you to do : )...I rated your album, love all the looks!!!

Thanks for the birthday greeting! :)

XD Exactly! :)

omg!! That hugs came at the perfect time..Thank you sweetie..I cant tell you just how much I needed that..

LOL (((hugs)))


Thank you! and I rated back <3

Forgot to add this part, LOL - thanks for your recent purchase at Paying It Forward! Enjoy, have fun and be blessed!

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Oh, pls don't feel obligated to rate my album. I know it's a big huge mess lol. I get carried away with saving my dolls.

I love your Michiko and Reina!

ha ha I love your About Me! You seem really cool. And I see you're in my buddy molokai's guild. She's good people. :)

Glad to see you're settling in well! Oh, where's my manners? I'm Angie. :)