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---- Currently away from Diva Chix due to real life ----

Hi, my name is Barbara and i'm a huge geek.

Love,love playing video games!

Some of my favorites are Dragon Age, Guild Wars, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fallout and many more.

I love books and movies too, Agatha Christie is my fav writer btw!

I stopped playing years ago but i'm back now :D
Missed this game so much, can't wait to start the battles :D

Currently i'm into doing backgrounds and costumes linked with games, i take requests too, don't be shy!


Doll of the day - 20/06/12, i would NEVER imagine! ty all for this!
Doll of the day - 21/06/12, 2 days in a row, i'm stunned right now, thank you all so much <3
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Your doll album rock!

Happy Birthday to you!! :)
Carlie :D

rated your awesome album! me loves somemystery too! lol "i would have them fooled if it wasnt for those dang KIDS!

Happy Birthday Lady Barbara you are royalty for a day enjoy !

Happy Birthday Barbara!
Carlie :D

So glad to have you as a FINDERS KEEPERS customer. Thank you!

Have a great weekend! :)

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Happy Birthday Barbara!

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Hope you have a Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!

::::::::::::::::THROWS CONFETTI!!!:::::::::::::: :D

Carlie :D

Happy Birthday! :)

Happy Birthday! May all your wishes will come true.:)

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Hola, Ohayou, Bonjour, Greetings to you!

thankyou for stopping in to my shop

Thanks for coming by my shop!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on your 2nd place win in GOC!

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Caught up on your great doll album! Love your style! :)

Woah, awesome dolls! I disappear off the sight for a few days and I missed out on your wonderful DOTDs! D: x

Thank you so much! :)

I just love your style. Good Job on the DOTD.xoxo

wow congrats on another doll of the day

Love your DOTD it's HAWT!

Congrats on DOTD!!

Congrats on another gorgeous DOTD! :)

All of these divas you're breaking out with are awesome! You were my vote, so of course I'm excited! & I loved your diva again! (: Wootwoot! Go you!! What a cool DOTD! & What wonderful luck!! I'm so excited for you!! ♥

Another beautiful DOTD..congrats..wtg hun..so well deserved

Congrats on another great doll getting DOTD!

Congratulations on another incredible DOTD!! :)

Congratulations again! Well deserved. :)

Congrats on your DOTD win again...Keep making those amazing dolls...so refreshing to see new talent : )

Congratulations on Winning Doll of the Day!!!
Awesome Diva!!! :)

'Grats for DotD! And one DA and GW fan to another, let's hear it for geekdom. ;)

Congrats on DOTD, amazing doll!

congrats doll of the day

congrats on DOTD

Congrats on DOTD!!

congrats, gorgeous doll!

Congrats on DOTD.!! :)

WooHoo...Congrats on your dotd win...your doll is AWSOME!!!

congrats on DOTD

Gorgeous dolls! Congrats!

Absolutely love your dolls! Congrats on DOTD!:)

congrats on DOTD"she's beautiful!