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Hello DC

I'm not very active on the site at the moment, so if I don't reply to messages and so on please forgive me.

I don't accept any cyo requests due to lack of time. I hope you will understand and respect this.
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This is just lovely, your album has me really excited for the new
boutique stuff to come to the mall! oxxo

Patty Patty how are you my dear. Just stopping by to show some love to your lovely page. Have a great week. Big Hugs Much Love

Hey! Just wanted to tell you I love your current diva! My first thought was .... Scarlett O'Hara! She's beautiful! :)

Hi miss you

Caught up with your album. Have a great weekend.

Hi Pat! Came by last night and caught up with your album but forgot to leave a note. Hello my friend I hope your well and having a lovely weekend! :)

Happy new year

Hi AuntyPat and Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Patty may 2017 bring all that you deserve.

Wishing you Peace, Love, Joy, Health and Happiness in the New Year!!! :D

Have a beautiful holiday. Hope you're doing well, and thank you again for the gorgeous gift!

Thank You for the beautiful dress. Happy Holidays

Hi Pat, I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Holidays and a Happy Healthy New Year!!

♥ & hugs, Malia
Mele Kalikimaka e Hau'oli Makahiki Hou
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hey Patty stopped by to say Merry Christmas, and then I saw your gorgeous doll. She is a vision. Big Hugs Much Love

Hi Auntypat I haven't seen you on in a while!!! I
Hope all is well with you.:)

Hi Pat! Stopping by to catch up with your album and say "Hi" :)

Happy Halloween!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday

I'm wishing you the greatest of birthdays. Happy Birthday Pat! ♥

Have a great birthday! :)

Happy Birthday and have a great day!

Happy Birthday!! Wishing you a perfect day filled with family, friends and cake!! Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday!! :)

Hi!!!Aunty I wanted to say hello and to say have fun on your special day!!

Happy Birthday Pat!! I hope your well my friend and have a fantastic birthday :D

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday and Cheers to many more.

Stopped in for a visit!! Love your latest :)

Have a lovely week

Thank you so much for the gifts!!

Patty how are you hun, good so see your light shining. Big Hugs Much LLove.

Saw your light was green and came by to say "hi!"! Been missing you and hope you're doing well.:D

I really miss seeing you on the game....Hope all is well with you
and you are enjoying life!!

Hi :)

Patty Patty hey girl wanted to shout out at ya, and wish you a happy weekend. Big Hugs Much Love. MWAH MWAH MWAH.

Hi AuntyPat how are you!!!:) I hope all is well with you and nice to see you on DC.xoxo

Hi Auntypat!!! I have been missing you I have not seen you on in a while glad to see you on again. I know how busy you guys get on the team.:)xoxo

Hey Patty making my round and found myself on your page. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for the gift card. So much beautiful hair and faces in your store. I hope you make more soon.

Hi sweetness, Thank you so much for the gift card,it's very appreciated
i love ur shop,specially faces and hair style so i can buy every thing i love from ur shop,thanx again ,D

Hi auntypat,

How are you my sweet friend?
I rated your latest yet beautiful dolls in your album.
Have a wonderful night my sweet friend.


Have a great weekend. Big Hugs Much Love

Hey Patty just stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter. Big Hugs Much Love.

thank you so much for the gift my friend, Hope all is well with you! Big Hugs

Hi Pat, How are you doing? I hope your well and have a beautiful Sunday my friend :)

Hey Patty I was buying some hair, and wanted to shout out to you girl. Hope all is well with you. Big Hugs Much Love. MWAH MWAH MWAH

Thanks, Pat! I use your faces because they are fab!

I came to say I love your new collection for hippie_chick, and saw your post about being sick. I'm sorry. Hopefully the worst is over and things will start looking up!

Well, I'm alive. lol
I've been sick for months, but my insurance kicks in finally next month, so hopefully I can start getting some answers and maybe even some relief soon after that!
It's been hard to stay positive through all of this. I've been to the ER 4 times, had to quit my job, etc. With still no answers at all, because I need to see a specialist, and no one's going to run tests on me until they get paid.. /:
& we've been HORRIBLE financially, but with this insurance, and Kyle's new job, we'll hopefully get this show on the road soon! & hopefully with it being dragged out this long, it's not caused any permanent damage, but I'm trying not to ponder too much on that.
Anyway, I'm glad work's going good. It may tire you out, but you're so blessed to have a good job that you enjoy. I'm jealous for sure. & don't let the move wear you down too much girl!!
But yes, moving is a pain in the butt!!! So, good luck with that girl. :)

Oooh, well at least you're somewhat more active!! How's everything going? How's the work life?
I hope you're happy and healthy. ♥