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Oh Wow! It has been so long (2013!!) since I logged on last. I'm really sad that I've missed so much. I truly thought this site was dying off. I have completely forgotten what I'm doing on here but I very much want to get back into it. I hope it works on an iPad. Ladies I've missed you. Message me and update me on all the gossip! Xxx

In terms of Guild Invites, please give me a little time to get back up and running. I loved being in a Guild and im so glad the amazing Alida and blackpawz have done so well with the last guild I joined. I will probably be looking for a guild with plenty of members, lots of people to have fun with.

19/08/2015 - Well haven't I been a naughty kitty staying away for almost 2 YEARS! I'm now working full time at a University as the Research Centre Manager for Neurology. I KNOW! The science is amazing, thankfully they don't ask me to do any of it.

What have I been upto since I graduated? Well I've been working all over the place. I've worked for various universities doing everything from Space Technology Applications, Business Advice, Bid development and GIS (of course). I've worked as a consultant in the areas of Space, Health Technologies and Project Management. I've worked for a charity delivering there funding requirements and general management. Lots and lots, mostly all at the same time.

Personal life is still non existent, but that's me. I have my work and my gang of crazy metal heads and general gorgeous weirdos.

So life has settled down now, I have the one full time job (and a few extra bits to keep me busy - relaxing in for the weak XD). So I think I will be returning with full force pretty soon. I have completely forgotten everything so I'd appreciate an update and support. Missed you all tonnes. Please send me life updates!Xxxxxx

05/10/2011 - So I passed my masters XD, am back at work (boo) and life is back to normal aka long hours and general nackeredness :( But I graduate on Dec 15th XD which should be fun

Ok 11/08/2011 has been an awesome day. The riots seemed to have stopped, I won the divachix lottery on one ticket and I won a seduction perfume on the Fortune wheel. Oh and my work is going pretty well. YAY! I needed a good day :)

I graduated (JULY 2009) as a BSc physical geography student (university), and just finished an MSc in GIS (words cannot describe how hard it is).

I am a strong believer in owning your own style and not giving a rats ass what others think about you. My staple items are my shades (I'd be lost without them) and my biker boots (which i recently ripped a hole in - absolute tragedy- but they look better for it).

I have a whole bunch of dreams and no idea how to put them into practice :) xXx
ps. im Archy on MB and MyMinx too, look me up :)


Sep 24, 2015. Admin. Account Credit
Your account has been credited Moolah: 50000, Coins: 50, Credits: , Fame: 0, Style: 0, Hotpoints: 0, Perfumes: 0. Reason: Congratulations on being featured on the Red Carpet in the newest issue of Pulse!

I am taking suggestions for outfit series. If you suggest a theme I will add it to the list below and will make at least three diva outfits for it. Hit me, be merciless!

Fancy Dress

Ok so maybe I should explain the video choice. Usually I would go for Muse or Foo fighters (something light and danceful), maybe Adele or hallelujah by kate voegele (so moving) or even Natasha Bedingfield's Strip me (seriously empowering song). But I was having a sucky day and then i found this online and thought 'yeah thats perfect'. Its such a beautifully complex song (i know it doesnt seem like it). And ofc we've all dated/been mates with someone like this, you love them but at the same time you wanna ring their neck xXx plus who doesnt love big? :)

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Happy New Year! I am being late, but you omg you went again afk. Hope everything is allrite!

thanks so much for the gifts! awesome doll :D

Thank you. The dress was an exclusive made by Styliah from my request thread. November your diva

Great album! Love your style!

Hey Boo!!! Love your doll!! You can see your my inspiration.
All is well here, busy, but good. Hope your well and loving life :)

Aw, thank you! I really appreciate it. I always love a diva in red! ♥

Thank you so much for the compliment! I love your currant outfit as well.

saw your Jensen in Pulse! congrats :)

Thanks For Shopping @ Joe Cool's Hot Shoppe!

Thank you. I rate your awesome album as well. I love your style.

I too complain that my doll sites don't have enough darker fashion. I flip-flop between gorgeous gowns and...black gorgeous gowns. Haha.

Thank you! I totally dig your style!

Thank You!! Wow what a gorgeous and creative album you have, I enjoyed going thru and seeing your wonderful dolls :D

so original, love it!

love your current doll!

Your diva looks great and hope your catching up from being gone. We've been moving right a long. Glad to see you playing.xoxo

Awesome looking diva. Nice to meet another fangirl lol. Thanks for rating my album.

Oooh your diva looks like she's ready to kick some ass! Haha I hope my french is good cause it's my first language after all.I bought the coat in red,blue and white also lol, i have a kinda ice queen/princess look prepared for the blue coat.Oh man I've wanted an album for a while now actually,but I just want to collect more coins before~

I actually really like both! I think the hair stands out more with this silver one though?
And thanks the eye makeup I got from 88mph outfit info a few dollies ago. She made it look so good I had to buy it. And my dolly is actuLly wearing a top and skirt from the diva chic mall! I thought they looked like a dress together too :)

LOVE your current dolly! So much attitude!

Thanks for accepting my friend request! And for your comment on my page! The dolly was based around the hair which I wouldn't have even known about if it wasn't for you! So thanks :)))
The gift is for another album page coz I want to see more!

Stopped in for a visit!! Love your latest divas!!! :) Also noted you are a big Supernatural fan.....So am I love the show, love them both Sam and Dean!!!!

hay gurl!
Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my profile and for taking the time to rate my album! i really appreciate it :)
I rated your album too and i LOVE your style! very cool! in fact i loved it so much i ended up buying a few things from the outfit info of some of your album dollies haha.

*coat not vest*oops I keep mixing my french and english together.

Aaah thank you! The vest definitely inspired me for the look~ And very cute diva you got there!

Thank you so much for the ratings. And I have to say I love your album. It's different which makes it perfect. Love the dark looks. Hope your welcome is great as well.

Hey thanks so much for your comment, that's really good of you! Have a great weekend :) x

thank you so much for the congrats! have a great weekend :)

Just stopped in for a visit....Have a great weekend!!

Hello thank you so much for the ratings :) I'm loving your current doll :)

Thanks so much for the kind words! I enjoyed reading your bio and how you came up with all your doll outfits in your album. You have such a vivacious aura and it's really admirable :)

Whoa thanks so much for your comment. I love the alternative style so when I put it up on a doll i I like to do it well! =D thank you hun. You're doll looks amazing too =) x, Rute

Thank you so much for stopping by and love your comment!! :)
Super sweet of you ♥

Thank you so much! Your diva is super cute too =]

I am from Ireland so it's not that far from you :) I am glad you liked the
gift :)

Alternative styles still not easy to find here but they did do some steam punk and goth in the mall. Every now and then a "different" collection comes out which helps. I LOVE steam punk and am thrilled when anything close comes out!:D

What a wonderful comment! Thank you so much! Love your doll and got your album rated. We have quite a few of the same items in our wardrobes!:D

Hi, your so welcome for the gifts, and thank you for rating my album hugs hersha

you Diva looks fantastic & thank you for nice comment :)

Love your doll!

Hope your having a blast doing something amazing Archy. You are missed here.
Happy New Years Love

heyyy how are you? hope everything is allright, you haven't been on in months!! I wasn't active months either, too bussy. Today is Helloween and I thought about you haha I hope you have a fun night out, dressed like a lil witch! :) I hope to see you on sometime soon :)

Hey there. You've been away for a while, but just wanted u to know you are missed. Hope all is well and you're having a ball doing something fabulous.

archyyy woohoo where are you? :) hope everything is allright! Did you see, the host movie is soon out yay can't wait:)

hi archy, I tried to post on your guesbook but I have issues with some connection error and could not post, now I'm writing fm my mobile, so tht u know I didnt forget about you hehe hope you're doing well! Any gossip for me! Lol I feel like this is your quote :) I should be sleepin now, hope no1 dares to wake me up till noon :) night (hope this gets posted lol)

Why Thank You gorgeous!

Hey their sweetie how goes it hope all is well with you and yours Hugz-n-Luv my guild siter

Just stoppin by to say hello:) Hugz my guild sister. :)

Archy, How are you Beautiful! I wish you and your family all the best Hugz my guild sister!

Merry Xmas, Archy!

sorry for this late sg, but I was about to post one on 25 and my internet crashed. And I have something waiting in my shop, for you, since then :)
I'll be soon back online as I used to be, can't wait to chat with you again :)