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About Me
Hello a little about me:
I'm nice if your nice
I love animals
I love people
I love roleplay
I love reading
I love everything basically
candy_cane belongs to me I claimed her forever and ever XD
I love the Vampire Diaries
I love the Originals
I love Twilight
I can say almost every line in Twilight XD
I'm weird if you hadn't noticed XD
My favorite person on the whole planet would have to Ian Somerhalder...sorry Chris XD
My two favorite colors are black and red and that is why I were that whole lot
I was born in South Carolina and raised in Flordia
I'm currently in 7th grade...
My favorite book is Vampire Academy
My favorite roleplay is high school roleplay
I plan on getting a wolf when I'm older
I like anime
If you wanna talk in chat room just message me :)

That is it for now if you want to ask me something about my life I will answer then put it on my bio...

Thanks for reading have a nice day

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Most of my shops prices are low but if they do not see fit to your liking just tell me

My brother does play this game and so does my sis...my brother is damon3566 and my sis is maya321

I love the song lol

I am moving so if I am not on for awhile sorry;-;

Image result for life quotes

I believe one day everyone will look at you and say you are a person worth my while...I believe that because whoever may be reading this...you are a very special person and you shouldn't let anyone drag you down...hold your head high and march through life as if you were a soldier on the battle field because one day you are going to win the battle with life and you are going to be happy and the happiness will open you up to become the best you can be...smile daily,laugh daily,and live life to the fullest...Have a beautiful day you beautiful person :)
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Yes I listen to heavy metal....no it doesn't change anything about me...I am nice and cheerful...I try to rock out as much as possible with my dad...and if you ask...my three favorite bands are Black Veil Brides,Metallica,and Slipknot

Yes I vote fairly...I believe that if one is prettier than the other they should get the credit...

No I do not like pink;-;I love black,red,and blue....preferably dark colors and I will stop loving black as long as they make a darker color;-;

No I do not have a nickname but if you want to make me one then go on ahead :)

I get lost when I have nose in a book or whenever I listen but nowadays it is really hard because of all the drama at home and at school;-;

People I count special on divachix:(If you want to be on then just talk to me)

I love school,no there is nothing wrong with me lol people ask me that all the time and think I am crazy...I go to school to get away from family drama then come home to get away from school drama XD

I like friends so please...do not be scared to add me I am really nice...I may bite but that is when I first meet you then when we get to talking I will let go XD jk lol I do not bite but I do have chip of meaness when someone hurts me or my besties :) so yeah lol

I am taking requests for my shop if you want me to make you something but I am only working with carol and veronica sorry ;-;

For candy_cane(Chris):you make me smile everyday and I am grateful for you...If I hadn't met you I would be lost...Thank you for everything you have done for me and with me I really appreciate it :)
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For katsuhaki(Donna):Thank you for being there with me through some of my toughest times even if I did not tell you I was having a tough day you always made me smile!Thank you for sticking with me even through my weirdness XD...and just plain on thank you for being my friend!
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Image result for i love black
Image result for i love black
Image result for i love black
Image result for i love black
Image result for i love black

Sorry I have not been on I have been busy
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