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DOTD...12/14/2014 Thanks to the amazing outfit that Hippie_chick made me, Thank You Hippie_Chick!!!

DOTD...10/10/2015 Thanks to the amazing outfit that Griffysgirl & Zumzy made, Thank you Griffysgirl & Zumzy!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM, Mom your always in my heart even thou it's broken I know your there to mend it. You'll always there when I need you even when sometimes I didn't deserve it. Mom big hugs & kisses to you & Debbie Love you both with all my heart.
( I LOVE YOU MOM ) RIP Born 4-20-1932 died on 4-20-2013 it's not right

( I LOVE YOU ANDREA ) RIP Born 9-25-1974 died on 9-9-2015

There's a friend on here that help me a great deal, talking with me helping me deal with my mom passing away. I really appreciate her spending time with me. When people around where I live just tells me to get over it. I can't beleave anyone would say something like that could they just get over a great lost like there mom. My mom was everything to me i alway did everything for her check on her 3 times a day when it was 3or 4 a clock in the morning if she need me i was there. My mom was a kind & loving to everyone no matter if she knew you or not that's why i hate people telling me get over it, i'm still not over it but my friend is helping me deal with it. I love my wonderful friend on here.


I been batting stage 3 lung cancers I was diagnose after a car accident Aug 2 2016 after 33 treatment of radiation & 2 types of chemo I was cancer free, then Jan 9th 2018 the lung cancer came back so the battle started again I finish treatment now the stressful wait begins to find out if treatment work so I been dealing with a lot lately.

Welcome to my profile my name is Brenda i'm 56 i love fashion

RIP MOM born on 4/20/32 die 4/20/13 I don't know how I survior without u,when ur the best part of me.I love u mom now I have no one just a big hole in my heart.
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Hello! Comments Pictures
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Your Diva is GORGEOUS Brenda!! WOW!!! :)
Love Ya!!
Carlie :D




Brenda...... nice to see you back.
sorry to hear the news, fingers crossed its worked...you will be in my thoughts.
Take care hunny xxx

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