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I was searching for colour schemes for my fashion colouring books when I came across Diva Chix so I thought I would give it a go, and it is totally addictive!

Thank you for voting my Autumn Fairy DOTD on 11/11/18!
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Thank you!

very creative dolls in your album, great job! :)

Thank you! Love your ice queen diva!

love your current diva, GORGEOUS!

Oooh!! I love love love this Christmas diva!!!! She's gorgeous!!

Beautiful doll!

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Thank you! I love this current diva of yours!

Tyvm for gift card

Thank You so much!

Thank you for the kind words. He was an amazing kitty.

Hey I've only just seen your comment, but thank you :)

Great doll album!

Thank you! I appreciate it!!!

Thank You so much!

Thank you for the rates. Rated your dollies in return : )

Thank you, and thanks for the rates! Loving this diva you have today too!

Congratulations on Doll of the day!

Congratulations on DOTD

Congratulations on DOTD!

Just realized that I was voting for you all the time, whenever I saw the peacock diva! Great diva!!

Great Diva for Remembrance Day! I love the poppies! I'm voting for you whenever I see you today!

Amazing DOTD-congrats!

Congratulations on your gorgeous DOTD!! :D

Your dolls are amazing. Congrats on DOTD.

Congratulations on DOTD!

Thank you for gift!

Thank you so much for the congrats! :)

Dropping off some fame.

Cute Thank You Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Hi :) Thank you, and thanks for the add :) gorgeous diva! xx

Thank you very much!!! I like my kitties too!

Amazing album!

Thank you, yours looks gorgeous as well :)

Thanks girl, love your doll too!

Thank you for all the kind words you really lifted my spirits : )

Thank you so much for the congrats message!! :)

Love your purple diva!!

Have a great day, hun :)

Thank you for being so nice :* :* :*

Thank you !


Congrats on your lovely DOTD!

Congrats on a beautiful DOTD!!!

Congratulations amazing DOTD!

Congratulations on your DOTD win!!! :)
Carlie :D