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Hello, I'm Allyson. I'm 21 years old. I spent 5 years on staff here (moderator, administrator, supervisor. You name it, I've been it). Life became hectic, so I had to retire. But the people I've met while working here have become my family, and I love them all.

I'm currently a senior in college. I'm majoring in English Language, Literature, and Writing for Secondary education with a minor in Spanish Language for Secondary Education. I will be student teaching in the fall of 2013. The end is near! I am also a Resident Advisor in the first-year-center on my campus, which keeps me extremely busy.

I also have met the love of my life, and we've been together since July of 2009.

I've been a member of the community since before DivaChix was born. January 2005. I love making friends, but I hate chat speak. So if you want to talk to me, don't just ask me if I want to be friends--actually try to get to know me...and don't use chatspeak, I wont respond.

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  • Jul 12   Allyson has a birthday today.
  • Jul 12   Allyson has a birthday today.
  • Jul 12   Allyson has a birthday today.
  • Jul 12   Allyson has a birthday today.
  • Jul 12   Allyson has a birthday today.

Another year, another birthday! Miss you tons! Hope your life is wonderful!

Happy Birthday again Ally, 2017. :)
Carlie :D

Another birthday! Hoping you are doing great! An update would be nice hint hint. Miss ya!

Happy Birthday again Ally! 2015
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday, hunny!! Hope your life is wonderful!

Happy Birthday again Ally!!! 2014
Carlie :D

Missed your birthday this year, but still miss you tons! Hope you had a great birthday!

Happy Birthday again Ally!!! :D
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday again Ally :)

Miss ya!!

Carlie :D

Happy Birthday again hon! Still miss you bunches!

Happy Birthday lovey! Miss you tons!

I love your doll plus your hair is just gorgeous!

such pretty colors! :)

i love your diva's dress

i love that dress

Beautiful diva!Goodluck and heres some fame:)

Cuuuute! Have a fab weekend Ally :P

ur diva is gorgeous from head to toe
this comment is to let u know
she is lookin super great
i wud have chosen this outfit but i was late
guess it was my not bad luck but jus cruel fate
i made this up myself and think its fine
but i will give an even better comment some other time : )
BTW:i m so glad someone else enjoys poetry as well i read ur poems in the forum and they were gr8

Fame for my beautiful guild sister :) ~T~

Your doll is amazing! Good luck in our battle :D

Fame and good luck with the tickets!

Your doll is gorgeous!~God bless

I think your like really hot and I would lo

I just voted for you in hot or not, so I decided to give you some fame. That background is gorgeous =]

Cute diva!! Aw, I love her! She is so pretty! By the way - she is a shining 'star' if I do say so myself. You are a rock'star' - keep it up! I love you Sally! :D