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My name is Becky and I'm a writer.

I'm a forum supervisor here on DC and I love working with the awesome girls on the Forum Team. You ponies are the best! <3

I'm a naturally creative person, so a lot of my interests are artistic. I like drawing, music, watching too much TV and making graphics and dolls.

My mom is also on Divachix and her username is Mercedesgirl. Be sure to check her out and give her some fame!

I'm trying to limit my friends list to people I actually know, so if we've ever chatted on the forums, feel free to add me.

And I'm not interested in joining a Guild right now, so please don't ask me. :]

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I caught up on your doll album!!

Merry Christmas Becky!!! Have a lovely holiday with the ones you love!♥

Your diva is absolutely fab!! Love the look

We're nearing the end of another year, and I wanted to thank you for being a valued FINDERS KEEPERS customer! I hope to see a lot more of you next year!

Enjoyed catching up on your great doll album!

Hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful holiday season!