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Rank Guild Name Created Owner Members Moolah Coins Style Fame
45 Panda Lilies Jul 21, 2015 ocean_crumbles 3 11147000 2843 4391 2776

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Date Username Rank Fame Style Hotpoints Battles Won Battles Lost Battles Tied Action
You have no join requests at the moment.

Send Alert to Members

You can write a message here and send it to all of your guild members at one time! Perfect for announcements and guild-related news.

Guild Tasks

Guild tasks are customly generated for your guild. Accepting a tasks costs 5,000 moolah and 3 coins. If you accept a task, your guild will have 24 hours to collectively accomplish the task. For example, if you accept a Voting task then every time one of your guild members cast a vote, it will count towards your task. After 24 hours, if your task is successfully completed, your guild will earn the prize. However, if the task is not successfully completed, your guild will be charged a penalty of the prize amount. Note: It would be wise to send a mass alert to your guild if you accept a task.

Task Required Prize Action
Voting 5010 465 Fame
Guild Battle Wins 28 190 Style
Hotpoints 1007 82 Hotpoints

Guild Fund Distribution

You can distribute funds from your guild bank to any member or guild. Keep in mind that the funds should only be used for guild-related matters. All transactions are logged and viewable by all members of your guild as well as Diva Chix Admins.

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Moolah Coins

Manage Staff

Please note - changing guild owner will lock you out of your guild! Make sure you choose the right user to transfer your guild to. Also remember that changing your guild staff will give them power over your guild.


Benefit Cards

Your guild currently owns the following benefit cards and your members are receiving the benefits of each. If you want to purchase additional benefit cards, please visit the Guild Shop.

Owned Benefit Cards
Money Maker
Voters Kiss
Work Smarter

Member Capacity

Current Capacity: 10 [increase]

This is how many members you can have in your guild. You can increase this number up to a maximum of 75 by clicking the link above.

New Member Options

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You can edit your guild's name here.

You can edit your guild's rules here.
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Username Joined Points Battles Won Battles Lost Battles Tied Mail Delete Feature
giovanna Jul 21, 2015 22322 123 194 61
ocean_crumbles Jul 21, 2015 12399 156 223 70
starinsanity Jul 23, 2015 2652 48 30 12