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Great job cocoadiva32

Thank you for being FGMOTM and for all of your support as I participated in Guild Survivor. This guild is the best.

Thank you for featuring me as GMOTM😘

Congrats from the Amazing Divas for being chosen as FGOTM!! Great job!!

Thank you _Nessa_ <3 happy new year to you and everyone on the site<3

Congrats on GMOTM sweet_side_of_things😊

Thank you for GMOTM!!!! <3

WOW! Thank you so much for GMOTM!!!

Congrats on having the Ultimate survivor in your guild. She did a great job. :)

Thanks so much for GMOTM :) Can't wait to see tomorrows results. The anticipation is killing me. Wish me luck :)

Sorry for the lack of points from me this week, been cleaning the house and away for the first week of holidays. Should have a lot more votes for the next week ^_^

Thanks for making me GMOTM

I'll get back on track with voting etc in a day or two. I have just moved house and have a couple of big assignments due so I'm pretty busy :) HUgs to you all x

Thank you!!!

Wow! Thank you so much for GMOTM!!!

Thank you so much for the guild donation!!! <3

thank you so much for GMOTM <3

Oh, wow!!! Thank you so much for GMOTM! :D

Fun N Fab partners Natalie and AnneMarie pulled in 2nd place for Survivors! Yay, WTG!

Thank you so much for GMOTM!!! I'm very honored!

I have a very exciting announcement to make ladies!

Our very first Guild Member of the Month is none other than our beloved Guild Owner ANNE-MARIE! Congratulations!

Aside from logging on everyday as the owner of Fun N Fab, Anne-marie works hard in all 3 task areas, especially our Hotpoints category!! For the Month of may, she's contributed a total of 602,970 points which includeds 49,742 Hotpoints points, 355,800 Battle points & 40,644 Vote points! Outstanding job Anne-marie! :) ♥ & Thank you, for all that you do!

You're reward of 5,000,000 moolah and 500 coins will be sent over.


** Remember , contribute 3000 points or more for our Activity Report, ladies! (Unless you notify us of your absence ♥)**

Moving onto our Weekly rewards!

Highest Voter - maserati 109,912 vote points.
2nd Highest Voter - cee 37,610 vote points.
3rd Highest Voter - anne-marie 11,440 vote points.

Biggest Battler - cee 155,800 battle points.

Highest HoN'er- maserati 15,734 Hotpoints points.



Let's welcome our newest member, kandieblue, to Fun N Fab!

Shes an awesome graphic maker & super sweet! Thanks for joining us, love! ♥ (:

Omg thank you for making me FMOTW, I gladly appreciate it! ♥

Our Featured Member of the Week is bubblez16. She's fairly new to Fun N Fab, but she's done an awesome job contributing!

Remember, this will be our last Featured Member of the Week, but instead, Sunday, May 31st, we will be starting our Guild Member of the Month, with the reward of 5,000,000 moolah and 500 coins. So make sure you're working hard and contributing to our tasks!

Our Highest Voters this week are;
1st Place - cee (1,000,000 moolah and 100 coins)
2nd Place - tania_g (1,000,000 moolah and 75 coins)
3rd Place - msmoney (1,000,000 moolah and 50 coins)

Our Biggest Battler this week is:
cee (1,000,000 moolah and 100 coins)

And our Highest HoN'er this week is:
anne-marie (1,000,000 moolah and 100 coins)

Congrats to you all & Thank you for all your participation! You guys rock!

Your rewards will be sent shortly (:

Hey ladies!

New Guild Contest Up! It's all about theme colors! The prize is 500,000 moolah and 150 coins and there is a runner up prize of 50,000 moolah and 50 coins!

Who can make Fun N Fab's Official Guild Colors? Check it out now! It's simple and fun!

(All members, including Guild Officers may join!

Here's the link;

Have fun and good luck! Deadline is May 30th, 2015. 12:00 am EST.

Hello Love's! ♥

Anne-marie and I have some great news for our wonderful members! We have been discussing new rules & rewards we will be implementing to our Guild and have come up with a few!

New Rewards:

We will no longer be having a Guild Member of the week, but instead a Guild Member of the MONTH. The reward for the Guild Member of the Month (GMOTM) will be 5,000,000 moolah and 500 coins. (This will be going into effect on May 31st, 2015 for the month of June) We will be keeping track of all Guild Activity Reports by our thread in the Forums.

Also, We will be having rewards for the Biggest Battler and the Highest HoN'er. The rewards are weekly and will be given to the members with the most points contributed to these areas on our Guild Activity Report.

Biggest Battler: 1,000,000 moolah and 100 coins

Highest HoN'er: 1,000,000 moolah and 100 coins

Highest Voter: 1,000,000 moolah and 100 coins
2nd Highest Voter: 1,000,000 moolah and 75 coins
3rd Highest Voter: 1,000,000 moolah and 50 coins

(There will be no 2nd or 3rd place for Biggest Battler or Highest HoN'er)

These new rewards (Battler, HoN'er) will be going in to affect today.

New Rules:

1. We are now strictly enforcing our 3000 pts a week rule. The third time you have contributed 0 or less then 3000 points to the Guild, you will be subject to removal from Fun N Fab.

Hopefully you guy's will enjoy these new rewards and take seriously this new rule.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, about these new updates, please notify Anne-marie or Me.

Have a great day! ♥

Thank you so much! I feel very honored to be GMOTW!

Thank you so much for GMOTW :)

Hiphoprnbdiva1995 is our GMOTW! She's been doing an outstanding job in all Guild Tasks for the course of many weeks. Thank you and keep up the great work!! (:

Thank you so much for GMOTW!!!

Cee is this week's GMOTW! Congratulations! You've been doing such a great job! Thank you for all your help in our Guild Tasks! You're Amazing! (: ♥

Hey, My Wonderful Beauties! Today's our Guild Birthday, If You Hadn't Noticed and You Guys Our All Amazing. You Make This Guild Soar. As A Thank You, We Are Throwing Our Guild A Party In The Forums! The Prizes Are A Lot!

At The Door Prizes Are Included! Please, Check It Out. We'd Love For You Guys To Participate. This Party Is Open To All Members Of The Divachix Community, Too!

Have Fun, Lovely's!

Here's The Link;

Come celebrate with Dress Up Challengers! We're turning six years old! The Party Is On!

Thank you for GMOTW <3

Hiphoprnbdiva1995 is this weeks GMOTW!

Congrats to whats_her_name on winning WWIB!

Way to go sissas>/b> for getting our Guild a new trophy! You rocked GOC!

Hey Lovely Ladies ! It's been quite sometime since we had a Contest for our wonderful members!

There's a new contest posted on the Forums for you guys ! It's really fun, and the rewards are even better! Please participate in the contest. ♥

You can find the details and information about it at this link:

Good luck guys and remember, have fun! ♥
(Guild Officers can participate, too)

Congratulations to tania_g for being Fun N Fab's GMOTW ! Thank you Tania, for contributing so much to the guild !

Cleo_cup is Fun N Fab's newest member ! Please welcome her with open arms! ♥

Thank you for GMOTW :D

Thank you for GMOTW!!!!

Thank you so much for GMOTW :)

Thank You so much for GMOTW!! :))

Thank you so much for GMOTW! Put a gigantic smile on my face :) I look forward to knocking out more of those tasks with you ladies!!

Thank you so much for GMOTW :)

Thank You so much for GMOTW!! :))

Thank you so much for GMOTW!!

Thank you very much :D ^^

Thank you very much for GMOTW <3