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Catwalk Fashion
Mar 05, 2014
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Boo! You are all cordially invited to celebrate Amazing Divas Third Anniversary, Monster Mash Bash!!! Hope to see you there if you dare!!

Omega Roses presents Valentines 70's style! Please join us!

Dress Up Challengers is hosting a Green and Red, Gift Party Contest

Omega Roses Presents Thanksgiving Contest

We hope to see you all there! :)

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for a while, things around my house have been super busy.

thank you,thank you!

wow,thank you!

i'm the featured member? hehe ah thanks :) hope everyone is going well ~ my internet is not the best lately :) hopefully i can still help in some way lol

thank you for having me as feature member,have a good day!

sorry I haven't been helping,i've been busy but i'm back and ready.

thank you for the friend of the week,I had fun.

Just to let you know, I'm going away for ten days on Tuesday and won't be back until August 22nd.There'll be limited wifi where I'm going. :)

Thank you for making me the featured member. I hope that I am active enough. I've been working more hours than normal for this summer. If any of you lovely Divas has any advice for me feel free to message me. Thanks again.

Thank you for making me featured member :) Im sorry I havent been as active as usual - lately it seems like its one thing after another. We had a power outage, our internet has been down twice, and I seem to be way busier then usual. But Im still here and logging on when I can!!

I love kelliq style! <3

new featured member :) nice, have a great week everyone ~

Thanks for trying sweetie! :)

Hey Everyone! Im trying to help out on the guild battles task but it seems they rarely get accepted in time to count but Im trying :)

thank you for the prize donation! :) i wasn't so lucky with the golden tickets lately hehe it helps a lot

It's our guild, not just mine! <3

i was still here lol, hopefully more members will join our guild! :)

i'm so glad u guys are back,it was lonely here!

welcome new members,hope you have fun!

thank you :) i'm excited to be in a new guild =^.^=

welcome skittleface to the catwalk fashion guild :)

I just wanted to let my fellow guild members know that I have started making my own backgrounds! Let me know what you think :) Some have turned out kind of iffy and others have turned out really nice (at least I think so)!

welcome dollyparton to the catwalk fashion guild

Don't worry too much about it kelliq :)

Im sorry we lost on the voting challenge. I usually vote more but I have been sick and now my husband is sick so I havent been spending much time online. I have been trying to go contribute to the hot points tasks but every time I get hot points it still says I havent contributed any - is there a certain way the hot points must be earned in order for them to count?

Thank you for making me featured friend! <3 Welcome to the new people that joined :)

welcome babydoll!

happy mothers day everyone!

Wow! Rank 39,way to go everybody!

Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

awesome moonglow!

congrats to kawaiigirl for winning facebook contest!

You deserve being featured, your Diva is gorgeous !

Thank you so much for making me featured member and deputy I am truly honored

congratulation Michele :)

congrats to our new deputy!

congrats on the new guild hope you ladies rock it :)

Good Job for all of us lady24 :)

Woohoo! Catwalk Fashion,good job!

congrats kelliq!

Wow, featured member!! Thank You :)

thank you for having me a featured member,this is my first time!

THANK YOU MY CAPTAIN:):) you made ma day :)

thank you for having me, this is my first time so I hope to do well.

Congrats on your new guild :)

Thank you for having me in your guild! I have wanted to join one for a while now but most of them have strict rules to follow and although I have been on diva chix for about 8 months (I think) I only recently got internet access at my house so Im still learning :) I like the idea of this guild - Im able to join in on guild battles and goc without being tied down to join them all and follow a bunch of rules regarding participation.