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Paper Dollz
Aug 08, 2013
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Guild War XXIX: Santa's Helpers! Entries can be posted through Dec 17th at 11:59 pm.

Guild Survivor XXXIV: Registration is open now until August 4th at 11:59 pm

Good luck in Survivor, mariab!

Guild Survivor XXXIII: Registration is open now until February 3rd at 11:59 pm

The Fifth Annual Harvest Ball has begun! So find a partner from another guild and get together to create stunning entries!

The Guild Team Presents its Fifth Annual Harvest Ball Matchmaker Service! You can sign up for a partner until Friday, November 10th at 11:59 pm Eastern.

A Nightmare Before Christmas Contest

Inspired by the movie.. All the creatured that go bump in the night want to celebrate Christmas!! Skeletons, zombies, vampires, witches, werewolves, etc.. Come one and come all to get ready for Santa.

#1 Your Halloween creatures must have 4 Christmas items either worn or in the entry and must be listed with the entry. (See thread for example)
#2 You must be in a guild

1st Place 1,000,000m & 1,000c
2nd Place 750,000m & 750c
3rd Place 500,000m & 500c

Door Prize Giftcards will be given to all else who enter

Contest starts 10/7/17 and ends 10/22/17

The Guild Team Presents: A Funfilled Party for its Members! Party will last for 10 days, Sept 15th - 25th with prizes for members and your guild.

Guild Survivor XXXII: Registration is open now until July 30th at noon

Congrats kezzirose on being our FGMOTW! :)

Welcome to our newest guild member kezz78!

Azara, congrats on being our FMOTW!

Are you a good witch or bad witch? Now you can show us!!

Boo! You are all cordially invited to celebrate Amazing Divas Third Anniversary, Monster Mash Bash!!! Hope to see you there if you dare!!

Sign up as individuals

Think Pink - The Dress Up Challengers is hosting a forum contest. Please join us.

Think Pink - The Dress Up Challengers is hosting a forum contest. Please join us.

Omega Roses presents Valentines 70's style! Please join us!

Congrats on being our FMOTW 2pretty4u2handle !! :)

Dress Up Challengers is hosting a Green and Red, Gift Party Contest

Congrats on being this months Featured Guild!! Great job Divas!!

Thank you so much!!! :) Very Pleased to be the FGOTM!

You are our Featured Guild of the Month for December 2015!

And we made you a section in Guild Avenue, Because you didn't have one.

Thank you so much for being our FMOTW Panadora16!!! :)

Congrats on being our FMOTW 2pretty4u2handle!!! Thanks so much!

Welcome pandora16! Glad to have you as our newest guild sister! :)

Omega Roses Presents Thanksgiving Contest

We hope to see you all there! :)

Congrats on being our FMOTW iveymaria!!! :)

Thank you for being our FMOTW 2pretty4u2handle!!! :)

Congrats on being our FMOTW thebeans!!! :)

Leighanne10 is Paper Dollz FMOTW! Wheee-whooo!! :)

Welcome to Paper Dollz thebeans and lovcuddles4life, we are glad to have you with us!!! :)

Thank you for joining and being our two newest guild sisters iveymaria and 2pretty4u2handle, I am happy to have you both! Yay!! :)

Paper Dollz welcomes Leighanne10 to our guild!! We are excited to have her!

The Karmic Beauties Guild Presents Homecoming 2015
Please join us for all 4 Contests :)

Omega Roses Guild would like to invite you all to join them in Four Season Contest:

Omega Roses is having a new contest:

Dog Days of Summer Contest
Sponsored by the Karmic Beauties Guild

World Divas Dress-up Week 2 has begun (WWarriors Competition) JOIN NOW! Theme: France

You are invited to join Omega Roses in a contest; link below:

Join the Amazing Divas Beach Party

Women Warriors presents:
World Divas dressup
All guilds are summoned!

Glamour Queens is having a contest!!!


The Amazing Divas is having a contest

Please join us!!!

Fun N Fab Has Turned 5! Come Celebrate With Us! At The Door Prizes Are Included!

Have Fun, Lovely's ♥

Come celebrate with Dress Up Challengers! We're turning six years old! The Party Is On!

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Join the Amazing Divas Guild in a 3 part Valentine's Day Contest.
Here is the link:

Please join the Little Darlings in the last contest in the series. Throwback Event : All Mall Dar War Classics!

Please join the Little Darling in our third contest of the Throwback Series!! Throwback WWIB!