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Default What is Outfit Info and what do I do with it?

What is Outfit Information?

Outfit information is a way to quickly find the items you see others wearing. This feature will provide you with links directly to the shops users have purchased their items from. No more searching and searching for that perfect item!

How do I gain access to Outfit Information?

You can get the outfit information feature by purchasing the coin upgrade on the main site. Go to the Coin Upgrades page and find the upgrade called "Outfit Info". This upgrade costs 200 coins. For more information on account upgrades, click HERE.

Where do I find Outfit Information?

When you have the upgrade, depending on where you are, you will see a button under the doll labelled "View Outfit Info", "Outfit Info" or just "Info". The button is not visible unless you have purchased the upgrade.

You can pull up the Outfit Information on a doll while Voting, on User Profiles, in Doll Albums, and in GOC.

For more information about Voting, click HERE.

You can access User Profiles from a number of places on the site: User Directory, Battle Lounge, friend lists, messages, alerts and more. Any where on the main site when a username clickable, you can click on that username and it will take you to their User Profile. In this example, both the names of those who posted in the guestbook and all the names in the friend list are clickable and clicking on them will take you to their profile.

You can view outfit information on your own Doll Album or other user's Doll Albums. So if you want a different color of an item but don't want to look through your wardrobe to find the item, just save the doll to your Doll Album and bring up the Outfit Info. (If you are in your own album and you have the Rater Viewer upgrade, the button will just say "Info".)
For more information about Doll Albums, click HERE.

You can view outfit information while voting in the current GOC or while looking at "Yesterday's Results".
For more information about GOC, click HERE.

What does Outfit Information look like and what information am I given?

This is an example of what the Outfit Information page looks like. It shows the diva on the left and will show you a list of the layers the doll is wearing.

To the right of the layer name it will say "View", "DC Makeover Salon", "DC Hair Salon, or "Item is no longer for sale".
If the font of this phrase is in blue, that is a hyperlink. If it is in black or purple, there is no link available.

Clicking on the word "View" will take you to that item in the User Shop, DC Mall, or the Boutique.
From that page you can try the item on your current wardrobe doll and purchase it.
For more information on purchasing from the DC Mall, click HERE.
For more information on the Boutique, click HERE.
For more information on purchasing items from a User Shop, click HERE.

Clicking on "DC Makeover Salon" or "DC Hair Salon" will take you to those locations.
It does not take you directly to the item since the items do not have individual pages. I find it is easier to find the hair or face if I keep the image of the diva open in another window so I can compare side to side.
For more information on purchasing from the DC Makeover Salon, click HERE. DC Makeover Salon can refer to the body (skin tone and nail color), face, or a Celebrity Doll.
If the body is Veronica and there is not a face listed, it is probably a Celebrity Doll. For more information about the Celebrity Dolls, click HERE.
And for more information on purchasing from the DC Hair Salon, click HERE.

What does it mean when the Outfit Info is hidden?

When the Outfit Info is hidden, clicking on the Outfit Info button will pull up this screen.

The doll owner will then receive an alert that looks like the following:

Why should I have my Outfit Info turned on?

You would lose out on a commission if the person buys the item without using your Outfit Info. If the items are from your shop you could also lose out on a sale if they decide it is not worth the time searching the shop wizard.

If the Outfit Info is turned on, when someone goes to an item from the Outfit Info and purchases that item, the doll owner receives a referral commission of Style and Hotpoints. As seen in this alert:

To find out more about Style, click HERE.
To find out more about Hotpoints, click HERE.

How do I hide or unhide my Outfit Info?

You will need to go to your Wardrobe to change the Outfit Info for your doll in Voting (HON, Battles and Outfit Feedback) and on your Profile.

Make sure you are on the main site and Hover your mouse over the "My Account" tab, then click on "Wardrobe". Your screen should look like the image below.

From here, look below your doll and you will see some buttons. There will be a button that says either "Hide Your Outfit Info" or "Show Your Outfit Info". Click to perform that action. (So if the button says "Hide Your Outfit Info", your Outfit Info is currently on and clicking the button will turn it off.)

For more information about your wardrobe, click HERE.

For doll albums, each doll has a setting. All are initially set to show Outfit Info. Go to your Doll Album by going to your profile, then clicking the button under your doll that says "View Album".

To change a doll album entry, find the doll you want to change and click the "Edit" button under the doll.

Then look for the box labelled "Hide Outfit Info".

If the box is blank then the Outfit Info is turned on. If it contains a check mark then it is hidden. Click the box to change it, then click on the button "Update Doll".
To learn more about doll albums, click HERE.

You cannot turn off Outfit Info for GOC entries.

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