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Default How to upload CYO items.

You must know how to use a graphic program such as Photoshop, GIMP, or Paint Shop Pro in order to use the Create Your Own (CYO) feature.
If you don't know how to create an item, check out the CYO Tutorials forum thread here.
Be sure of your purchase because Upgrade coin costs are not refundable.

What is CYO?
CYO stands for Create Your Own.

CYO items are items created by players. The items can be sold in User Shops, the Auction House, or in Forum here.
Requirements for uploading:
1. All CYO items must be 220 pixels wide and 475 pixels tall.
2. All CYO items, except backgrounds must be in PNG format with transparent backgrounds.
3. Background CYO items may be in JPG format and do not require a transparent background.

CYO items are positioned in the 220X475 area where they would be over the doll and proportional to the size of the doll.
Click here to get a copy of Carol and Veronica to design over. Be sure to place the body on a separate layer so you can delete the body before saving your item.
Other CYO Freebies are located here.

**To obtain any other bodies for design purposes, you must contact the original designer for permission. If permission is granted, the designer will provide the appropriate link to obtain the body template**.

How To Upload CYO items:
1. To create a CYO item you have to purchase the upgrade Create Your Own. The upgrade costs 20 coins.
For instructions on "How to Upgrade Your Account", please refer to the tutorial located here

2. Create your CYO item in the graphic program of your choice. (Be sure each item is the correct dimensions (220x475 pixels) and file size for the layer in which the item will be located.)

3. From the Diva Chix Main Page, click Shopping, then click Create Your Own (CYO).

4. The CYO upload screen will appear.
The top portions contain some helpful links if you are starting out or have any questions.
-On the left are links to some Getting Started programs you can use to make your creations.
-On the right are links to some player made Tutorials on using the programs and getting started.

5. The bottom portion of the CYO upload screen has two areas.
-On the left, Create contains a alphabetical drop down list of the layers and the maximum kb size allowed for each layer.
*Please read and comply by the copyright laws*
-On the left, Try Before You Buy checkbox- A way to "Try On" your design prior to uploading.
-On the left, Select Files button- Used to select the exact file(s) you wish to upload.
-On the right, Prices contains a list of the layers in order from back to front and the upload cost per (1) item.

The "Try Before You Buy" Feature.
Before you upload and pay for your CYO item, you can preview it for FREE on the Veronica pose by using "Try Before You Buy".
**This feature does not work with backgrounds and is currently only available with the Veronica body**
This feature is useful for positioning items correctly and to check that the background on the item is transparent so the doll will be visible.
This step is not required for uploading.

-To access this feature simply click in the "Try Before You Buy" box in the Create Section on the CYO Uploading Screen.
-You do not have to choose a layer to use this feature.

-This screen will appear:

-Click the choose file to select and open your CYO item's file from your browser.
-Next, Click "Upload Item".
-The screen will now show your uploaded item on the Veronica Body.
-PLEASE NOTE: You will have 10 minutes to view your item, then it is automatically deleted.
-You may continue to try on items from the pop up screen without returning to the CYO Upload page!

6. Uploading your CYO Items.
-On the Create Your Own screen, pick the item type you want to create from the drop down menu.
-The layers appear in alphabetical order and the is a maximum kb size for each layer is listed.

NOTE: In computer storage, a kb is 1024 bytes so 6,000 bytes does not equal 6kb.
Your computer may truncate/round differently so if the file size is close you may need to reduce the file size a tiny bit.
If you need to reduce the size of your file(s), this user created tutorial, How to reduce file size, may help.

After you select the item type you wish to upload, click on the Select Files button.
Please note: If you plan to upload more than (1) one of an item, you may multiply the base cost by the number of items you are uploading to calculate the cost.

7. Click the Choose Files button to select files from your browser.

8. Select (1) one or multiple items on the same layer for uploading at the same time.
-If the files you want are all in order in the list- click on the first one you want, hold down the shift key, and click on the last one you want. All of the files between and including the two you clicked on will be selected for uploading.
-Alternatively, you can hold down the ctrl key and click on each file you want individually.
-Once you have the files you wish to upload selected, click the Open button.

The Number of files selected for uploading will appear.
-Verify the layer is correct. The cost of your item will be bolded.
-If everything is correct, Click the Specify Item Details button.

9. This screen will appear:

-Enter the item name.
The item name will appear above the item in your shop.
In the example below the item name is the Collection to which the item belongs (Gettin' Jiggy)and the number the item is in the collection (10, 11, or 12)

-Enter clothing tags.
Tags are item details which distinguish the item from another.
Tags allow the item to be searched for in the Shop Wizard.
Tags can include, but are not limited to color, collection name, designer, or style.
In the example below the tags include curls (the hairstyle is curly), color (blonde, auburn, or red), and the collection name (Gettin' Jiggy).
More information about tags can be found here.

-Select whether to put each item in your wardrobe and/or add it to your shop.
In the example Hair 10 was selected for wardrobe and shop, Hair 11 and 12 were selected for shop only.
Since all the items were selected for the shop, the Select All Shop button was used to "check" the shop box for each item all at the same time.

Please note: "Add to Wardrobe" will add one of the item to your wardrobe- use this when it is an item you will want to use yourself.
**Although you can utilize "Wear Item" from the Warehouse, most prefer to have the item in their Wardrobe because it is more convenient.**
**Remember, you cannot add items from your Warehouse into your Wardrobe or buy items from your own shop.**
**If you plan to sell the item in the Auction House, the item must be added to your Wardrobe.**

-Set or change the item price, and/or reserve it for someone.
In the example, the prices were set differently. Item 11 has a different price and is reserved as a gift for the user celtic_cat.
By reserving the item, no other user may purchase that item- only celtic_cat.
Be sure to spell the reserved username correctly or the user will not be able to purchase the item.

**Item price(s) will need to be filled during the upload process.**
Please Note: If you have Bulk Item Pricing (available in shops located in Beverly Hills District and above),
- the prices set will automatically populate the pricing fields.
- you may still manually change prices if desired.
- when fields are left blank in the set up, then the populated fields will read 0 moolah/ 0 coins as the price.

10. When you are ready, click on the Upload Items button!
-Your items will appear in their designated destinations.
-You may click on the Warehouse, Wardrobe, or Shop links to view your items OR on the Create More Items link to upload more items!

What if Your Item Did Not Load? Troubleshooting Hints:
-If the file is too large, an alert will appear.

-Simply click the back button to return to the CYO screen.
-Check to be sure your file is being uploaded into the proper layer.
-If necessary resize your file to the proper size before attempting to re-upload.

Happy Creating!

Notice: This Ad only show to guest, please register now to disappear !

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