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Cancer, and psychotic boyfriend

Posted 06-19-2018 at 08:11 PM by ocean_crumbles (Behind The Looking Glass)

My brother in law has testicular cancer and has started treatment for it. I will visit him soon. I am worried.

And my boyfriend has been showing psychotic symptoms. We arent sure what it is. We thought for a bit it could be schizophrenia... the other day the evil voice took over and he hurt me and tried to hurt himself so hes been in the mental hospital since then...

Im so stressed out and worried.

Idk if I should stay in the relationship even tho I...
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New Hair!

Posted 06-07-2018 at 11:55 AM by lembowitz

I have new hair for Roza in my store and I'm really proud of it because I recently did well on some hair I made for my Divamour entry, so I thought I'd go ahead and try to make a simple hairstyle for my shop, and it turned out pretty decent!

I also put some accessories in there for y'all to enjoy, and two different faces, while the hair comes in 16 colours. Enjoy!

xoxo, Sasha.
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It's Here

Posted 06-03-2018 at 01:08 PM by swish

I went to peek around the corner to see how close it was and it smacked me in the face and shouted, "I HAVE ARRIVED! "

*blink, blink, blink* <--- used when I'm speechless lol
At this point all I can do is sit down, strap in and hold on tight around the curves, let go on the dips and scream like a banshee out of hell.
Sounds like a plan.
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Hair? Face? Omg...

Posted 05-31-2018 at 05:16 PM by swish

As I sat pouring over previous Divamour competitions, it dawned on me that there are A LOT of things that I've never done. Faces and hair being among those things. Can't submit a faceless, hairless doll as an entry. Unless, of course, I was trying to convey some statement that required a faceless, bald character (the Licker in Resident Evil comes to mind but, he had a mouth)
ANYWAY, I made my first face yesterday. It can be found in my album. I made my first hair today. It can be...
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DC forever

Posted 05-31-2018 at 03:25 PM by muchlove (22 & going)

hi everyone :] nostalgia. that's exactly what i'm feeling as i type this. i'm so excited to be typing this today. bare with me because this might get lengthy. currently, i'm still in the process of getting over my shock and amazement when i looked through Pulse for the first time
i'm like dangggg this is insane. everything has changed since 4 years ago when i could really remember being active. PULSE looks fantastic. i'm in love with the layout, color scheme, set up, etc., everything
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