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:grin:I can't believe we have blogs!!!!!! Yes i JUST discovered this fact I've never blogged before so this should be super entertaining! (for you and for me!) Anyway....am i alone in thinking goldfish sometimes taste like chicken noodle soup?

ANYWHO....I'm going to make an AGREE vs. DISAGREE subject every day...let me know what you think.


Rainy days are depressing.

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Hair, Cold Weather, & whatever else

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Posted 11-26-2009 at 07:11 PM by iceskaterinblack

Man i'm sooo bad at keeping up with this. And the crazy thing is i LOVE to write!!! Go figure...anywho the title pretty much explains what this particular post is about so i'll stop blathering now and let you read.
((o and for the dilemas feel free to weigh in with your most educated opinions ))

So since i'm SOOOO not really a morning person my entire morning routine takes 25 minutes on average...But now i'm growing my hair out and it looks all weird and is being extremely annoying and only when i curl it does it even remotely resemble something good looking.

Bad Thing: IT TAKES 25 MIN!!!!! I DO NOT want to double the time it takes me to get ready in the morning for my hair!!! But if i don't it looks horrid.

Dilema: Sacrifice sleep for hair..OR..hair for sleep???????

Cold Weather::
Because i live in the desert it's freezing(literally)in the morning but then by like 1 o'clock it's 55 degrees. Which is nice but...

Bad Thing: it's nearly impossible to dress for.

Dilema:Dress warm and be roasting all afternoon..OR..dress cool and freeze all morning??????

so whatever else turned out to be nothing else which i'm sure you're thankful for...I know you all must be thrilled o be spared my further prattling on*wink*

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