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3 Letters. Yet, a very powerful word. There are many different types of it, from poetry, to photography, to painting. Some is inspired by nature. Some is not. Most is inspired by someone or something. It is inevitable. It is everywhere. It is a way of getting out emotions, a way of living, a hobby, and much more. Imagine a world without art. In that case, there would be no world. Even nature by itself is art. You can always find a picture in the cracks of a tree trunk, or make shapes out of clouds in the sky. Everybody is different, though. So some people may not see that same picture in the tree's trunk as you did. They have a different pair of eyes than you. You have your own eyes. They have theirs. They see art differently than you, so do not ever let anyone call your art "ugly". They just don't have your eyes. You shall do thee same- do not call art ugly. No matter how your eyes see the art, no art is ugly. Every creation on this earth is beautiful, wether or not you know it. Only the man in the sky knows his plan. He knows why he put his creations in order, and for what reason.
~Sheila Marie

Hi, Welcome to Animal! If this is your first visit, please take a look here to learn a bit on navigating the blog. Thank You!

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May 2012 Updates

May 21, 2012
Welcome to Version 3.0! We all know 2.0 really sucked, but this time, I'm totally dedicated to make ANIMAL the best it can be!

-I have overwritten some blog entries, so if some comments aren't making sense to you, just check for the orange alert and you will understand. I have deleted some blog entries and written totally different articles where the old post used to be.

-The updates tab is now being updated monthly. The admin in control of all the blogs has set a character limit to how much the bloggers can type on our custom pages. So I had to switch things up a bit.

-Same as the past bullet, I had just found out about the character limit, so I had to revamp the Diva Chix Related page... which I haven't used yet, anyways. So that's good.

-New sidebar! We got rid of a lot of the sidebar items, and replaced them with a classy "About the Author" box.

-New layout with a beautiful banner.

-New blog name: Animal.

-Officially got blog up on StumbleUpon to attract more visitors.

May 26, 2012
Sent out some invites to other bloggers to join my blog. Maybe soon we'll see some group postings! Keep your eye out!

May 30, 2012
Blog has went under miniconstruction temporarily in some spots, just a while ago earlier today. Some images were not being displayed properly, such as the Animal banner and my about me pic. This is due to my personal cleaning and organizing (not me! :O lol) and moving around of my Photobucket items. I did not even notice that items were missing until I logged on just now, and am very happy to say that everything has been fixed and the banner is back up.

Sidebar "visitors" has been disabled.

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