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Online Death Threats Like Can They Not!

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Posted 05-05-2017 at 09:14 PM by ocean_crumbles

So like the other day on the site I was moderating, there was a troll who was abusing others in a chat room so I muted this person and they went after me privately in a message. Sent me a death threat basically. They told me that they were going to track my IP address and then do horrible things me personally and watch me die.

I was so scared when I got the message, but I replied with "Lol bye" and blocked them , and reported them to the admin. The person came back 2 times.

They assured me that I have nothing to worry about, But my god, the guy was really vivid in what he said that he would do to me, it triggered me. Thankfully, I didn't have a long time to be triggered by myself and do something because my grandmother came in the room and we went out for starbucks and I got a midnight mint mocha frappucino, and that was pretty delicious.

But going back to the issue, I really don't understand people like these. The site I was on was an emotional support site. What kind of sick people take the pleasure of harming those who are already struggling and messing with those who dedicate countless hours to make sure the people are safe and that discussions are being held?

I can spend over 3 hours just preparing discussions for a full week, and I supervise countless discussion hosts and have to make sure that countless things are getting done, and people thinking that they can ruin not only my day but everyone else's... it really gets to me sometimes.

Rant Done.
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