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hippie_chick 8 Dec 05, 2010 11 156

Just ask yourself-
Do you have a Hippie Heart, Gypsy Soul, Witchy Vibe? Are you 13%gypsy, 21%hippie, 29%fairy, 47%witchy, i.e. 110%Pure Magic?
Do you love black cats?
If you answered YES, then you are a purrfect Hippie Sista at heart!

Hippie Sistas is a laid back no drama guild! Our philosophy is -be yourself-everyone else is already taken! We like to think our Hippie Sistas Guild functions as safety net in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other! Hippie Sistas recognize that faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul and that a woman cannot live in health without them. Oh- and we LOVE little black kitties, well any little kitty really, lol!

-And most importantly on Wednesdays, Hippie Sistas wear BLACK!

Congratulate the Guild!