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catellen 7 Jan 12, 2010 21 83

Golden Girls Guild is a comfortable home for many long-time DC players who enjoy camaraderie without pressure or demands. This laid-back approach allows more time for creativity in the game or necessary time for real life demands.

Many of our members are well-known for their design skills, GOC and DOTD winning styling, and overall game skills. Our guild family spans the ages of early 20s to 70s and represents over a half dozen countries.

Last month we celebrated our 8th anniversary with the majority of our members seeing 7-8 year anniversaries over the course of this year.

This is a strong indicator of our dedication to the game and one another! Of course, the Golden Girls love to welcome new members, appreciating their new enthusiasm and friendships, and we'd love to have you spend some golden years with us!

Congratulate the Guild!