DC Bingo Hall

Welcome to the Diva Chix Bingo Hall! DC Bingo is a game that is played while you vote. You buy a bingo card here, and your card will appear when voting on events. Every time you vote, a new bingo word is called. If the word exists on your bingo card, it will turn green and this is an indication that you have marked that word. We play Full House, which means every word on your bingo card must be called for you to win.

A new bingo game starts every 30 minutes. When you purchase this card you will be placed in a waiting queue until the game begins. You are playing against everyone in the current round. The first person to have all words called on their card wins Bingo and the game is over.

If all words on your card are green, it means you have Bingo. You need to press the Bingo!!! button to have your card validated. If you win, you will earn 25 golden tickets which can be cashed in for moolah, coins, and fame!

How Often Can I Play?

You can buy one card per bingo game. When your game starts, you may buy a card for the next bingo game. Games last 30 minutes.

moolahIt costs 5000 moolah to buy a bingo card.